Superannuation Lawyers Melbourne

Your Superannuation Policy might have a number of insurances that you might not know about. Let us investigate and guide you through the process and ensure you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

What Claims Can You Make Through Our Superannuation Lawyers?

Superannuation lawyers in Melbourne specialise in handling a variety of matters, such as:

  • Total and permanent disability (TPD) claims
  • TPD disputes and litigation
  • Income protection claims

Who Can Make a Superannuation or TPD Insurance Claim?

Individuals who have suffered from an injury or illness that has rendered them unable to work, or families seeking death benefits from a deceased member’s superannuation fund may be eligible to make a superannuation or TPD insurance claim.

Superannuation Claims – Death and Total and Permanent Disability Benefits

Death benefits claims can be made by eligible beneficiaries of a deceased superannuation fund member. Total and permanent disability benefits are available for individuals who have become incapacitated and are unable to work due to a severe injury or illness.

The TPD Insurance Claims Process

The TPD claims process begins with the submission of relevant medical evidence and documentation to the superannuation fund or insurance provider. Our experienced superannuation lawyers will guide you through the entire process, from gathering necessary evidence to negotiating with the insurer to obtain a favourable outcome.

Our Superannuation Lawyers Provide Personalised Legal Guidance and Strategies

At Fittipaldi Injury Lawyers, we tailor our advice and strategies to meet your specific needs and circumstances. We provide clear, practical advice and are proactive in resolving issues efficiently. Our transparent and competitive fee structures ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation.

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Gennaro & his team at Fittipaldi Injury Lawyers have a wonderful approach to injury law - the client & their welfare is the most important aspect of any case. I certainly found this to be their focus in my dealings with Gennaro and his team. I knew my case was in good hands and being handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. The professionalism of the whole team was superb and I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone who has the need of an injury lawyer.


A huge thank you to Aylin and Gennaro for all their hard work and dedication aswell as attention to detail while preparing my case. The professional guidance ,personal advice and service from Aylin was especially outstanding. I would highly recommend the company to anyone who needs assistance in Personal Injury Law. Thank you again.



Why do I need an superannuation lawyer?

A superannuation lawyer has the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex legal landscape and help you obtain the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time.

What is a TPD Claim?

A TPD claim is a Total and Permanent Disability insurance claim made by an individual who has become incapacitated and unable to work due to injury or illness.

How do I know if i can claim TPD against my superannuation?

Consult with our superannuation lawyers to evaluate your eligibility based on your specific circumstances.

How much is the superannuation TPD payout?

Payouts vary depending on the policy and individual circumstances. Our team can help you understand your potential benefits.

Do I Have a Case?

Please get in touch with us for an initial free/no obligation consultation where we will obtain your detailed instructions and provide you with our initial advice and further details about your entitlements.

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